Cool Summer Labradors is selling Whimsical Labrador Retriever Artwork and Gifts for Labrador People!

Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Artwork featuring Labradors having fun with their cool motorboat in the sea painted in 2013 by Naomi Ochiai.  There are three Labradors with shades.  A coolest Yellow Labrador Guy is driving his/her fancy ride with his/her Labrador pals.  A Black Labrador is standing in the boat with confidence just like a movie star!  A Chocolate Labrador is hanging on the driver's seat.  The boat is very fast and splashing the water.  The combination of blue and white colors invites you to Cool Summer of Labradors!

How about Art Prints and Gifts with this design?  Wonderful Gifts for Labrador Lovers!   

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Cool Summer Labradors Gifts

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