Poolside Party Labradors

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Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Artwork featuring Summer Poolside Party painted in 2012 by Naomi Ochiai.  Some people say that there's a wonderful summer resort or two like this for dogs in the world...
Dry and sunny weather and clean and beautiful water in the summining pool and white painted deck chairs and Ice Cream!  Yellow Labrador is listening to the dance music with cool shades and two Black Labradors are sleeping peacefully.  There's a modern type of Yellow Labrador who is doing social networking with his/her electric device in the pool.   And Black Labrador and Chocolate Labrador are playing with balls each other.  Don't forget!!  Yellow Labrador and Chocolate Labrador are having Iced Moca and Ice Cream!  Yellow Labrador Lifeguard is on duty and watch out!  A little Black Labrador Puppy is playing with a hose...  Dogs are having lots of fun there.

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Poolside Party Labradors Gifts

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