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Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Artwork featuring Labrador's Summer Water Fun in the garden painted in 2013 by Naomi Ochiai.  Well, there are eleven Labradors in the garden.  A Black Labrador and a Chocolate Labrador are jumping and splashing in their colorful yellow, orange, red colored inflatable pool.   A little Black Labrador Puppy is waiting for his/her turn patiently.  But a Yellow Labrador Puppy behind him/her almost forgot it.  There's a funny Black Labrador playing with a hose and a Yellow Labrador is running beside him/her and trying to drink water from the hose.  Looks like a little Chocolate Labrador Puppy and a Yellow Labrador puppy noticed that it will be fun to join the game!  Meanwhile, a Chocolate Labrador Puppy is greeting to a big alligator toy.  Oh boy, there's a silly Yellow Labrador sleeping in the hammock under the trees.  Such a fun and delightful scene of Labradors...

How about Art Prints and Gifts with this design?  Wonderful Gifts for Labrador Lovers!    

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