Cute Chocolate Labrador Christmas Stamps!

How about adorable Chocolate Labrador Stamps for your Christmas Cards?


Santa Stocking Chocolate Labrador Puppy Postal Stamps



Size: Small, 1.8″ x 1.3″ in the picture above


You can customize the text in the design.


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Labrador Cartoon Postal Stamp Stars and Stripes

Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Cartoon designs created by Naomi Ochiai from Japan.

Cute and handsome profiles of Labrador Retriever dogs.   Cartoon Design.  We have Black Labrador and Chocolate Labrador and Yellow Labrador in this design.  Each Labrador looks like smiling with a red scarf around his/her neck.   Simple digital drawing.   US flag background.   You can customize text.


Yellow Labrador & Scarf Cartoon zazzle_stamp
Yellow Labrador & Scarf Cartoon by HappyLabradors
Chocolate Labrador & Scarf Cartoon zazzle_stamp
Chocolate Labrador & Scarf Cartoon by HappyLabradors
Black Labrador & Scarf Cartoon zazzle_stamp
Black Labrador & Scarf Cartoon by HappyLabradors


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