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Funny and Whimsical Labrador Retriever
Paintings by Naomi Ochiai

Welcome to Naomi Ochiai's Labrador Painting Gallery!!

Her whimsical style is giving Lab people lots of smiles and warm feelings.
The paintings are all colorful and humorous and filled with cheery atmosphere
which Labrador Retriever dogs have naturally!

You can purchase Gifts and Prints with these designs.  Just click the thumbnails below.
Hope you enjoy your visit!

Lake Fun Labradors

Labradors in Mom's Sewing Room

Labradors in the Garden

Labrador Rescue Team

Poolside Party Labradors

Cool Summer Labradors

Summer Fun Labradors

Summer Breeze Labradors

Flower Pot Labrador Puppies

Labrador Dad

Pool Party Labradors 2

Autumn Fun Labradors

Labrador School

Labradors in the Kitchen

Cupcake & Labrador Fairies 

Labrador Spring Fun

Labrador Chinese

Mambo Labradors

Labrador Party

Labrador Island
Summer Vacation

Labrador Bakery

Pool Party Labradors

BBQ Party Labradors

Red Truck Labradors

Apple Farm Labradors

Black Labrador
in the Forest

Candy Shop Labradors

Pool Fun Labradors

Apple Tree Labradors

Racing Black Labrador

Sushi Party

Aloha Black Labrador

Ice Cream Labradors

Coffee Labradors

Black Lab Puppy in the Box

Best Wishes Labradors


Black Lab
Collecting LOVE

Yellow Lab
Collecting LOVE

Black Labrador Puppy and Cupcakes

Yellow Labrador Graduation

Labrador Retriever on the Couch

Yellow Labrador
on the Green Couch

Yellow Labrador
on the Pink Couch

Black Labrador
on the Pink Couch

Chocolate Labrador
on the Wicker Couch

Labrador Holiday Paintings

Happy Easter Labradors 2

Happy Easter Labradors 1

Independence Day

Halloween Labradors
Whimsical Halloween Labrador Painting
Halloween Party Labradors

Labrador Christmas Paintings

Black Labrador Santa

Christmas Labrador Puppies

Christmas Tree Labradors
in the Snow Field

Black Labrador Puppy Santa

Christmas Ice Skating Labradors

Christmas Eve Labradors

Christmas Tree Labradors

Christmas Fun Labradors

Labrador Christmas with Snowman

Christmas Dreaming Black Labrador

Christmas Labrador Gift Delivery

Black Labrador Santa

Labrador Japanese Holiday Paintings

Japanese New Year's Day

Japanese New Near's Day Labradors 2

Japanese Boy's Day Labradors

Four Seasons Labrador Paintings

Small Labrador Paintings

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Sep 29, 2014.

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