Adorable Black Labrador GIF Animation

Hi everyone!

When I started playing with computer and internet, I was fascinated with creating gif animation.  It was totally new and something innovative to me.

I really loved that.

Here is one of them.


Black Labrador Animation
Adorable Black Labrador GIF Animation created by Naomi Ochiai from Japan


I love my Black Labrador Noiraud in the little animations.

I miss my Black Labrador Noiraud.

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Cute and Funny Black Labrador GIF Animations

When I started running my website long years ago, I was fascinated with gif animations. They all looked so fancy to me and of course I decided to create mine by myself.

Here’s one of them. I recall this first because it’s too hot today here in Tokyo. My subject was my Black Labrador Noiraud all the time. He was my center of attention.

Black Labrador Floating in the Sea

Well, I share some more.

Cute Black Labrador Cartoon Animation
Black Labrador Puppy Bathing in Summer
Black Labrador at the Pool Side

Gif animation is another way of my Labrador Art. 🙂