Labrador Retriever Cartoon Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bags

Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Cartoon Messenger Bags designed by Naomi Ochiai from Japan. Great fun gifts for dog lovers who own Yellow Labradors, Chocolate Labradors, Black Labradors. An adorable Lab Puppy is playing with rubber ducks in the bathroom wearing a shower turban on his/her head! Great combination of Labrador dog and ducks and water!! Cute and sweet Labrador Cartoon.

Here are Black Labrador Puppy and Chocolate Labrador Puppy and also Yellow Labrador Puppy Messenger Bags.

Click the images to see the details.

Learn about Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bags. I ordered one for my husband lately and I’m looking forward to receiving it. Can’t want to see how it looks like in person. I’ll post the review when I receive it!