Happy Kitchen Gift Ideas for Labrador Moms!

In fact, Labradors and dogs love chilling out in the kitchen.  They are smart enough to know where is the best place to have opportunities to get something to eat in the house!!

Anyway, everybody loves Mom who loves cooking, baking!!  Here are gift ideas for women who love both Labradors and working in the kitchen.

This Labrador Bakery design came from Naomi Ochiai’s whimsical Labrador painting.  Adorable Labradors are working in a bakery.  Very nice design for kitchen items.

This set includes Labrador Kitchen Wall Clock, Fridge Magnet, Baking Pan, Kitchen Towel, Coffee Mug and Apron.  Click the following image and you’ll reach our store and you can purchase these.


Happy Kitchen -- Gift Ideas for Labrador Moms