Summer Breeze Labradors Artwork and Gifts

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Whimsical Labrador Painting by Naomi Ochiai
Whimsical Summer Beach Scene Labrador Painting by Naomi Ochiai

Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Artwork featuring Labrador Bathing in the Beach in Summer painted in 2012 by Naomi Ochiai.  There's a funky Chocolate Labrador with tall straw hat and funny shades.  He/she is chatting something to his/her Black Labrador friend.  We can't see his/her expression, though, he/she is watching beautiful sea view and feeling Summer Breeze from the sea, maybe.  Meanwhile, a Yellow Labrador enjoys reading on his/her belly with his/her favorite drink...  orange juice or something.  His/her taste of fashion is questionable.  And there are two Black Labrador Brothers (sisters) playing with sand.  They look so happy!  Pink and white beach parasol and colorful beach towel makes the picture look delightful.  Did you notice a cute red radio-cassette recorder there???

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