Cute Labrador Retriever Luggage Tags!

Hi everyone!

Do you like trip?  If so, this is very useful, I think!!  I’d like to introduce my Labrador Retriever Luggage Tags here!

Here’s one that I purchased for me.

First, it’s a front design.


Black Labrador Luggage Tag by
Personalized Black Labrador Luggage Tag by

 How it’s personalized?

It’s a back.

You can personalize like this.

Which personal information to be printed is up to you.

Black Labrador Luggage Tag by

What do you think?  It’s nice for your travel bag or a small gift for your friends and family.

This is my most popular Labrador Luggage Tag!

Personalized Summer Breeze Labradors Painting Tag For Bags
Personalized Summer Breeze Labradors

Do you want to see more?  Check out the following image banner!

Personalized Labrador Luggage Tags
Personalized Labrador Luggage Tags

Thank you for your visit!

See you again. 🙂