Handsome Black Labrador Portrait

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This is my latest Labrador Painting.

It’s a commissioned portrait of Black Labrador Retriever. He’s owned by my friend. 🙂

I was thrilled because this boy looked so sweet and handsome in the photo.

8″ x 10″, Acrylic on gessoed illustration board


Black Labrador Painting by HappyLabradors.com
Black Labrador Painting by HappyLabradors.com


If you are interested in my commissioned work, contact me!

Thank you.


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Memory of my Labrador Painting — Apple Farm Labradors

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Thank you for your visit.

This is one of my favorite Labrador Paintings.  Apple Farm Labradors.

Apple Farm Labradors by Naomi Ochiai

You can see my signature on the right-bottom corner.  It says 2006.

It was our first year when we visited Shinsu area, Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture with our Black Labrador Noiraud in Summer.  Shinshu area was a beautiful place with fresh and cool air.

Blue sky was clear and mountains and everything looked so beautiful and breathtaking.  In addition, shopping area and people looked so cheery and active.  It looked like it would continue forever.

I was worried so much about my aging boy’s health condition, but, everything went so very well at that time…  There was perfect “happiness” during the trip.  I’m thankful for that.

Shinshu area is well known as its apples.  Summer is not a season of apple harvest, though, I decided to paint something related to Shinshu as a tribute of our happy trip with Noiraud.


Thank you for reading!!

See you. 🙂

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Labrador Rertiever Paintings Coffee Table Book

Hi and thank you for your visit!

It’s been a long time!!  I had been so busy during Holiday Shopping season and thank goodness we had lots of customers in my stores.  Thank you so much for your purchases.  I really appreciate them.  Hope you enjoyed our products.

Last year,  my friends suggested me to make a Coffee Table Book with my Labrador Retriever Paintings.  So, I needed to research on the internet for a while.  And then, I found blurb.com to publish my books.

Here it is.
Click to preview book

Whimsical Labrador Retriever Paintings

By Naomi Ochiai

I ordered some and received them.  The book looks wonderful in person.  It made me so happy.

Labrador Retriever Coffee Table Book by Naomi Ochiai from Japan




Labrador Retriever Coffee Table Book by Naomi Ochiai from Japan