Super Cute Labrador Puppy Santa Christmas Collection by HappyLabradors

Super Cute Labrador Puppy Christmas Gifts

How about Super Cute Labrador Retriever Christmas Santa Claus Collection?  Click the image and see the whole collection.  We have Black Labrador and Chocolate Labrador and Yellow Labrador designs.  Christmas Cards and Apparel and Ceramic Ornament and more.

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Happy Labradors Calendars 2015


I’m happily introducing my latest Happy Labradors Calendar of 2015.  The new one is including new nine paintings which I have done in this year.


This is it!!

Happy Labradors Calendar 2015 New
Happy Labradors Calendar 2015 New by HappyLabradors

Happy Labradors Calendar 2015

The next one is an interesting one.  I picked up Labrador Sporting Pictures from my paintings.  Outdoor activities and sporting activities like ice skating, skiing, water fun, etc…

Labradors are sporting breed and this calendar relates to this.

This calendar includes my old and new paintings.

Happy Labradors Sporting Calendar 2015
Happy Labradors Sporting Calendar 2015 by HappyLabradors

Happy Labradors Calendar 2015

This one is for Black Labrador Fans!!

This calendar includes Handsome and Beautiful Black Labrador Portraits and whimsical and cute Black Labrador Paintings.

Black Labradors Calendar 2015
Black Labradors Calendar 2015 by HappyLabradors

The last one is a classic type of Happy Labradors Calendar.   Popular Labrador pictures are chosen including old and new.  Nice gifts for your dog people who love Labrador Retrievers!!

Thank you for looking!!

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Do you like Reading? — Reading Labradors!

Hi and thank you for your visit!!

I created this Labrador Cartoon to create cute Labrador Retriever Book Label stickers… It’s a casual style of bookplate for your home library.

Imagine that these adorable Lab puppies waking up and popping up from inside of the book during you are sleeping at night!


Labrador Digital Drawing by Naomi Ochiai
Reading Three Lab Puppies (2014)


Labrador Puppies Reading Cartoon Square Sticker
Labrador Puppies Reading Cartoon Square Sticker by HappyLabradors

Thank you for reading. 🙂

Grab a Collection Bookmarklet by J32 Design

Labrador Retriever Book Label Stickers


These are adorable Labrador Retriever Book Label Stickers for book lovers!  You can personalize them for you.

Useful and also fun.


Grab a Collection Bookmarklet by J32 Design


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Happy Mother’s Day for Labrador Moms!

Hi and thank you for your visit!

Here’s a cute Labrador Cartoon greeting card for Mother’s Day!!

Feel free to share.

Adorable Labrador Puppy Cartoon created by Naomi Ochiai
Adorable Labrador Puppy Cartoon created by Naomi Ochiai


Hope you enjoyed your visit.

See you!!

Thank you. :)

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Memory of my Labrador Painting — Apple Farm Labradors

Hi and welcome!

Thank you for your visit.

This is one of my favorite Labrador Paintings.  Apple Farm Labradors.

Apple Farm Labradors by Naomi Ochiai

You can see my signature on the right-bottom corner.  It says 2006.

It was our first year when we visited Shinsu area, Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture with our Black Labrador Noiraud in Summer.  Shinshu area was a beautiful place with fresh and cool air.

Blue sky was clear and mountains and everything looked so beautiful and breathtaking.  In addition, shopping area and people looked so cheery and active.  It looked like it would continue forever.

I was worried so much about my aging boy’s health condition, but, everything went so very well at that time…  There was perfect “happiness” during the trip.  I’m thankful for that.

Shinshu area is well known as its apples.  Summer is not a season of apple harvest, though, I decided to paint something related to Shinshu as a tribute of our happy trip with Noiraud.


Thank you for reading!!

See you. 🙂

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Funny Labrador Cartoon Dishwasher Magnets

Hi everyone!

Here are some latest Labrador Products from our store.  Dishwasher Magnets.  Hope you like these!!














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Thank you for visiting!!

Labrador Illustration (Cartoon)


This is my latest Labrador digital drawing to be shared.  I already posted this to my FB fan page.

Hope you like it, too!

Click the image and you’ll see Greeting Cards and Gifts with this Labrador Dog Family Design.

Labrador Mom and her puppies!!
Labrador digital drawing created by Naomi Ochiai from Japan


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Labrador Cartoon Design Gifts

Living with Labradors Cartoon!


Here is one of my latest Labrador Fun Cartoon.  I posted this to my FB page, it became so popular!!

Seems like that people love to see something familiar and cute. 🙂

I think it’s cute, too!

Click the image for larger artwork and you can shop gifts with this design!

Labrador Fun Cartoon

A mischievous Black Labrador Cartoon


Here is my latest Labrador cartoon which I can introduce in this blog.

This was created from one of my Labrador sketches.  I have tons of them! 🙂

Black Labrador Cartoon
Labrador Cartoon created by Naomi Ochiai from Japan

I always adore Labradors looking back at their people with smile or just innocent expression.

I need to upload this digital drawing to make my other Labrador products, but, really, I can’t catch up…

The most fun thing is creating digital cartoons.


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