Gift Ideas for Labrador Moms!

Do you miss sunshine?

Many people enjoy sun bathing at the poolside with their dogs!

This Labrador Mom’s design was inspired by such dog people’s happy life.

A mischievous Yellow Labrador is doing something behind Mom during she is reading or taking a nap…

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Gift Ideas for Labrador Mom

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to Labrador People!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Thank you for visiting and loving my Labrador artwork!!

May your holiday season be filled with lots of love and fun and peace and more!

We’ll be off to vacation this weekend.  I think I won’t take a rest so much because of my nature.  LOL

I have lots of ideas for my Labrador Art.  Hope I’ll be create some more happy and beautiful artwork for everyone who loves Labrador Retrievers!

Thank you so much!!!


Naomi Ochiai


It’s time for cuddling!! Labrador Family Illustration!

Hi and thank you for your visit!

It’s becoming cool day by day because it’s autumn here!!  I think many of you love starring sky in autumn and winter…

When it’s cool, stars look so beautiful.

Looking up to the sky is something blessed moment in our life especially with your beloved ones.   Yes, they are your Labradors anyway!!