Autumn Trees Labradors T-shirts and Hoodies by HappyLabradors

Autumn Trees Labrador Silhouette T-Shirts and Hoodies

How about lovely Labrador T-shirts and Hoodies for Autumn? Click the text and you'll reach the product page. These T-shirts are sold in Amazon Stores and Hoodies are sold in Zazzle store. Both stores have various size and color options. You can purchase T-shirts and Tanks in Zazzle store. If you have a request, feel free to contact me via Facebook Page. 🙂

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Autumn Trees Labradors T-shirts and Hoodies by HappyLabradors

Autumn Tree Labrador Silhouette T-shirts

These shirts are sold in Amazon store.  Click the image and see shirt options. 

Autumn Tree Labrador Silhouette Hoodies

These are sold in Zazzle and they have other shirt options.  Click the link and see options!

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Labrador St. Patrick's Day Shirts and Leggings

Labrador St. Patrick’s Day Shirts and Leggings

Labrador Retriever St. Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas! Black Lab, Chocolate Lab and Yellow Lab Designs!

Tshirts and Leggings for your Perfect Look on St. Patrick's Day!

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Are you looking for nice and cute Shamrock and Labrador Outfit for St. Patrick's Day? Enjoy comfortable and sweet combination of Labrador Retriever T-shirts and Shamrock Leggings.

Click text link and you'll reach each product page and see shirt options and more. Some images may not show up properly, but text link is alive.

We have all Black Labrador and Yellow Labrador and Chocolate Labrador Designs.

Thank you for visiting. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Labrador St. Patrick's Day Shirts and Leggings

Cute Labrador T-shirt for Multiple Dog Owners!

Here is a funny and cute Labrador T-shirt for Multi-Dog Owners!

How many dogs do you want to have???  Many!!

Click the shirt images below.  You’ll reach our product page in our store.  Various shirt options are available for kids, women, men including hoodies and tank tops.

You can customize the message on the shirt as you like.
Note: Some images may not show up properly, but, you can reach the product via text links.


You can add Flannel Pajama Pants.  Check out options!

Pajama Pants


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Grab a Collection Bookmarklet by J32 Design

Labrador Summer T-shirts!

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I’d like to promote my Labrador Retriever Shirts here in my blog.

Look at these shirts! Each Whimsical Labrador artwork on the Tee was inspired by Summer fun. 🙂

Summer is energy! Don’t you think so?

Delightful sunshine makes everything look gorgeous! Sea Breeze invites you to a comfortable napping time on the deck. Your Labs are sleeping beside you…

Enjoy your beautiful Summer days with your Labrador Retriever dogs!!

Pool Party Labrador T-shirts

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Yellow Labrador T-shirts for Summer

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Here’s one of my Yellow Labrador Tshirts with something summer theme to enjoy summer days!!

Look at this!

Yellow Labrador Swimming T-Shirt
Yellow Labrador Swimming T-Shirt
by HappyLabradors

A cute Yellow Labrador is swimming with his/her favorite swim tube!!

It may look weird because Labrador Retriever dog is good at swimming. They can swim without such a swim tube!!!


But I think this design looks cute anyway!

Hope you like it.

I have various Yellow Labrador Shirts in my store.  Click here for more Yellow Lab designs.

Thank you!!

See you. 🙂

Visit my Labrador stores! Click the banners below. Thank you. :)

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Cool Summer Illustration of Labrador Mom!


Here is a cool summer shirt design for Labrador Moms!



This is a scene of Labrador Mom and her beloved Labradors in Summer!  They are chilling on the deckchairs at the poolside in the garden.  Colorful and sweet illustration for ladies.

There’s always a silly pup in the picture!

If you like this design, visit my store.  Here.

Check out my Labrador Painting Gallery.  Here.

40% off Sale for Labrador T-shirts at Zazzle!

Today is a happy day! Zazzle has started Shirts Sale today!! 40% off for your T-shirts when you purchase at Zazzle.

You can visit Zazzle directly from here.

Happy shopping!

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40% of the shirt net sale price will be deducted when one or more qualifying products are purchased and the coupon code FINDSHIRT4ME is applied at checkout. Offer is valid until April 8, 2012 at 11:59pm PT.


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Labrador Cartoon Design Gifts


Labrador Cartoon Embroidered Hoodie for Yellow Labrador Dad!

Here is Labrador embroidered hoodie for men.  It’s a very nice winter gift for your husband or dad who loves Yellow Labrador Retriever.  Embroidery looks gorgeous in person.

Unique and funny Labrador Retriever Art painted by Naomi Ochiai from Japan. A cute and friendly Yellow Labrador wants to say hello to his little pal. Great fun gifts for dog lovers who own Yellow Labradors! You can customize text! Insert your dog’s name on the back.


Personalized Yellow Lab Friendly Cartoon Dad zazzle_embroideredshirt
Personalized Yellow Lab Friendly Cartoon Dad by HappyLabradors
Order custom embroidery no minimum at


Are you interested in our embroidered men’s apparel?  Click HERE and HERE for more apparels.

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Labrador Cartoon Design Gifts