Labradors vacuum… what?


Thanks for visiting my Labrador Art Blog. 🙂  I’d like to share my latest Labrador Cartoons here.  They were posted in my FB page last night.

I’ve been having a sketch of Labrador who is vacuuming.  I loved the figure of Lab with a vacuum.

Why vacuum?  haha!!  Vacuuming is essence of a life for those who are living with Labradors!  There’s a close relationship between them.  That’s why, the idea came to my mind automatically, I think. 😉

So, what is your Labrador kid vacuuming for you???

Dog hairs???  Really, it would be nice!!

Well, here is my idea!  Hope you like it! <3

Funny and Cute Black Labrador Cartoon
Black Labrador is Vacuuming


Funny and Cute Chocolate Labrador Cartoon
Chocolate Labrador is Vacuuming



Funny and Cute Yellow Labrador Cartoon
Yellow Labrador is Vacuuming


What do you think?

Cuddle your Labradors and it makes life better!!

See you. 🙂

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Thank you!!